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As professional Advisor, we know that being passionate about our work has helped us advance and succeed in this competitive field.

We’ve learned the importance of paying attention to the services that each project require specialization, a valuable lesson that has led us to find quality work in diverse projects and gain experience working alongside that motivated and committed to our work, we are capable of transforming creative solution that leaves an impact on the client.

Contact us if you have a project in mind and you’d like to collaborate and avail our services.


•Concept Design

•Incorporation of Standards

•Audio-Video, Acoustics & Lighting Design Systems

•Control & Automation Design

•Cost Analysis and Budget Planning

Proof of Concepts*

•Systems Design and CAD Schematics

•Technical and Performance Specifications

•Tender Packaging and Vendor Evaluation*

•Program/Project Management

     QTC - Quality Testing Check and Control

     Training, Handover & Sign off

Value Added Services*

•Skilled Manpower - Technical Support Specialist

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